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Where Does the Pain Come From?


Where Does the Pain Come From?

Laura Prow

Sore, tight muscles can be caused by a number of things. Bad posture, overexertion, injury, habitual muscle guarding, bad sleep habits, the ever-present stress and even poor diet. It seems to be the sign of the times: tight shoulders, neck pain, headaches, and back pain. These four pains are the top four complaints I get each and every time I go out to a corporation for a day of chair massage. These pains are followed closely by low back pain and knee pain. The top four can be explained with a visual example of improper working posture. Notice the hunched shoulders and the extended neck in the typical desk worker? The muscles in those areas are being stretched, tightened and overworked to hold that unnatural posture all day long. The front of the body also suffers but we generally only notice the back, shoulders and neck because that is what hurts more.

Throughout the day there are activities you can do to help relieve the tension on your muscles. Incorporate stretches to open the chest and give the back a break for a bit. Take regular breaks to walk around the office or home to get the circulation moving and loosen tight muscles.