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Subtle Revolution Bodywork: changing the way you feel about your body


Subtle Revolution Bodywork: changing the way you feel about your body

Laura Prow

Subtle Revolution is based on a belief that each small step we make in the right direction, brings us a wide range of benefits.  Planting a garden, eating more whole foods, standing up for what you believe in, reading a book, learning something new, trying a new get the picture. Subtle Rev is being able to change your life in small steps with dramatic results, without having to take scary, dramatic leaps.

Subtle Rev Bodywork focuses on releasing old patterns, lengthening shortened muscles, regaining better range of motion and helping clients become more aware of their bodies and what they are capable of. Whether it be the next level of pain relief or stress relief or a brilliant combination of both, the next level is the main focus. I have spent time observing how people move around in their daily lives. I have witnessed the transformation that can happen once someone is free of their pain burden or once they allow themselves a chance to let go and relax for an hour or so. It's amazing and generally those effects spread outward into the rest of their lives. People with less pain are more relaxed. People with less stress are more relaxed. More relaxed people are healthier and happier and better at their jobs and their lives.

There is science behind all of this. There are plenty of studies to back up my claims that relaxed people are healthier. There are also plenty of studies to prove that massage is a an excellent way to relax.

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Ideally clients receive regular massage and take care of themselves in between each visit. Ideally they get out in the world and get some fresh air and exercise. They eat foods that provide their body with the essential nutrients to keep it healthy and thriving and they enjoy their down time. Once they achieve this level of living, then my job is to help them maintain it. We sit back and we revel at the progress they have made. That's ideal and not as uncommon as you might think.

All things start with one step forward. One advancement towards a goal. Whether you want a massage because your neck is killing you, because you want someone to just make you feel better for an hour or because you want to get your muscles in top shape for a marathon run, it's all the same step forward towards a happier, healthier you. I would be honored to assist on that journey.