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Massage: more than just a back rub


Massage: more than just a back rub

Laura Prow

There is a push in the massage schools and in the profession to "legitimize" our work as massage therapists. My business is to heal. It's simple. Heal muscles, heal anxiety, heal stress and heal the connection between the body and the mind. In the great push to legitimize I see our work becoming more and more clinical. In and of itself, clinical is great. It's great that our training has provided for such things as lymphatic drainage and fascial release as well as trigger point therapy and neuromuscular work. They are amazing tools to have but they are not the end-all-be-all of massage. Yes, they are instrumental in pain relief which is the direction the profession wants to go, but I want to make sure that my work stays grounded in something more then just stats and studies. The simple act of touch can do wonders. Touch with intention to heal can do even more. Babies who experience nurturing touch are healthier then those who don't. Touch is instrumental to the survival rate of premature babies. Skin is the human body’s largest organ, containing millions of receptors - about 8000 in a single finger tip - that send messages through nerve fibers to the spinal cord and then to the brain. A simple touch - a hand on a shoulder, an arm around a waist - can reduce the heart rate and lower blood pressure. Even people in deep comas may show changes in their heart rates when their hands are held. Positive, nurturing touch appears to stimulate the release of endorphins, the body’s natural pain suppressors. That may explain why a mother’s hug can literally "make it better" when a child skins his knee." Read about it here.

Forgive my need to be dramatic, but there is Magic in touch.

So yes, there are extensive clinical studies validating the medical merits of massage and that is a great thing for the massage profession. But, there has always been a magic associated with touch and massage that transcends a clinical study. It makes people feel better. That is what I try to do for each and every one of my clients. Regardless of why they come through my door, or in most cases, why I go through theirs. To me, my clients are not a set of symptoms that need to be relieved. To me they are a person who wants to be better. To feel better and I will use every tool in my mental toolbox to enable that to happen.